Before talking about Practical Universal Knowledge lets find out what universal ignorance is. Universal ignorance is not lack of institutional education. Every highly educated person can be an ignoramus. In fact, we all are ignoramuses. However, there's Universal Knowledge  that can't be ignored. True knowledge is not written in books including religious and spiritual guides. 

Spirituality and religions are perceived by many to gain something. For example, people give in order to receive: get a better life, improve karma, get rich, become lucky, etc. This is Universal ignorance. 

Ones we understand that we always reap what we sow, and that giving to receive doesn't work because this kind of an action doesn't come from the state of love but from the state of a fear, then we'll get rid of ignorance. Ignorance is a logical way of thinking based on 3 – dimensional limited ego, which, in order to protect a physical being, creates fears. Ignorance creates unreasonable fears (phobias). These fears create grid, hatred, attract irrational thoughts and twist our minds. When humanity gets rid of ignorance, the world will have peace.  
Governments and religions prey on ignorance because it's easier to control people through their fears. Humanity tends to live in the past and fear the future. Media, especially news, is a perfect example of a destruction tool to keep humans in a box away from their present, and fear is a perfect tool to paralyze one’s mind and willpower. People watch what happened, think about it, talk about it and then get worried and scared of what may come. It takes focus out of the present moment, which you never experience until it becomes your past. I guess people are programmed and conditioned this way. Fears keep us away from our present and from our true selves while love keeps us in the present moment where we supposed to be.  
Knowledge we get during our lives is mostly based on fears. Since childhood, we've been taught to be afraid: afraid of not getting good grades, of God, of future, of government, of parents, of strangers, of being a dreamer, of being different, of being open, of being ourselves, because in this case, we may not fit in, which is another fear. We were taught to be ignorant. Have you heard a parent saying to a child: "Do what you want, just don't get caught"? Or "Don't do this and that, because you'll be punished"? We were taught to be afraid of being caught or punished instead of being taught to be true to ourselves.                                      

What if a parent would say: "All living beings came to this planet to live and love. They have their struggles and feelings, they feel pain just like you. They want to be loved and respected just like you. Everyone is perfect in his/her own way, everybody is different, and we must accept and respect it. Everything is expression of nature. It feels good to give and love without asking for a return. This is a wonderful feeling. Isn't? You are a whole and powerful person. You can freely give love, be kind to others and act from your heart. Our world is abundant, and there's enough for everyone. You don't have to compare yourself to others and don't have to compete with them or try to be like them. Who will then be you? You are you. Embrace yourself through your talents, work, and love. Have respect for yourself, love yourself and be happy just because you are. Fulfill yourself with love, and then, you'll be able to share it with others."  
When every parent would educate children from the state of love, we'll get rid of ignorance. But for that, every one of us should stop for a moment and question our beliefs and determine whether they are based on love or on fears (attachment). Click to learn more

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